[VIETNAMINVESTMENTREVIEW] Hello World #4: Mummy, Daddy, take me to Korea!


After successful Hello World journeys to Korea, Taiwan, and Thailand, Hello World #4 comes back this year with an endless series of interesting surprises.

Tạp chí Du lịch Wanderlust Tips | Hello World #4: Bố mẹ ơi con thích đi Hàn Quốc

Hello World #4 features the family of Oc Thanh Van and Tri Rua, and their three children Coca, Cola, and Kakao.

May is the best time to pay a visit to Korea with your family. What could be better than the whole family taking a stroll around the bustling and modern capital or setting foot in Jeju which is dubbed “The island of love” to get away from it all and immerse yourself in Gyeonggido or stop in Incheon – a modern yet dreamy city.

Follow famous celebrity families Oc Thanh Van-Tri Rua who are parents to Coca, Cola, and Kakao, and Trang Lou-Tung Son with baby Xoai to the Land of Kimchi on this exciting Hello World #4 journey on May 20-25.

The trip to the most famous spots like Seoul, Jeju, Gyeonggido, and Incheon promises greatest experiences. Travel lovers will have the chance to connect with Hello World #4 via Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube for the most lively and truthful experiences and feelings when travelling to Korea.

Tạp chí Du lịch Wanderlust Tips | Hello World #4 Bố mẹ ơi con thích đi Hàn Quốc

Trang Lou, Tung Son, and baby Xoai will also join Hello World #4 on this trip to Korea.

Launched by English-Vietnamese bilingual travel magazine Wanderlust Tips, Hello World #4 is co-organised by the Korea Tourism Organisation and the Jeju Tourism Organisation.

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